Signal Bot

Send Custome TradingView Signal

What is Signal Bot?

Signal Bot allows traders to exicute exclusive strategy which is made by them on other platforms like TradingView.

Initial Order Investment

Initial order investment is defined as the initial investment when the signal bot will start.

DCA Orders

If you send signals from tradingView for DCA strategy then your DCA order will execute.

Take Profit

You can send signals from tradingView for take-profit or also set take-profit over on LAXYA platform.

Stop Loss

You can send signals from tradingView for stop-loss or also set stop-loss over on LAXYA platform.

Take-Profit Trailling

Take-Profit trailling helps to increase Take-Profit price to gives maximum possible profit.


Once take-profit target is hit and the loop is enabled, same trading strategy will start automatically again.

Can I send alerts from tradingView?

Yes, you can send alerts from tradingView and not only tradingView but also platforms like tradingView.