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Laxya.io is an advance automated cryptocurrency trading platform. Laxya.io provides algorithm-based trading with smart features such as smart trade, BOT trading, Bull-Bear Order, Portfolio, and much more. Which makes trading easier, more profitable, and controls losses.

Laxya's Trading Functions

Smart Trade is easy way to place both Buy and Sell order at same time with many smart features such as Trailling, Take Profit, Take-Profit Trailling, Stop-Loss, Stop-Loss Trailling.

Crypto trading bots are computer programs that automatically triggered buy and sell orders at the pre-defined strategy. the main goal of crypto trading bots is to catch profitable trades and reduce losses.

Bull-Bear order monitors market's sudden ups and downs fluctuations within the given time interval to catch up profit or reduce loss.

Basically in charting you can use different known indicators and also developed your own indicator to understand market movement and get trading ideas.

You can manage all your assets from different exchanges at portfolio. You can see your total fund and also see it exchange wise.

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Laxya.io is proving spot trading as well as futures trading.


Go to Register >> Enter Email >> enter password >> again enter password to confirm >> click on check box to confirm LAXYAs terms and conditions >> click on Register.

Go to your Email to verify your account >> click on verify button.

Go to Login Page >> Enter Email >> enter password >> click on Login.

Go to your Email >> Findout OTP from e-mail of Laxya.io >> Enter it on Laxya >> you autometically logged in after enter correct OTP.

Subscription Plans and Payments

Choose a best plan for you and click on subscribe now >> Fill details >> select coin in which you want to pay >> click on check out >> scan QR or copy address for payment >> Peast address into withdrawal section in your wallet/Exchange >> Enter exact amount as shown on the screen >> select blockchain type >> submit or pay

Laxya does not charge any trading or other hidden fees. And simply has no technical way of doing it. To use Laxya trading service, you just need to activate any of our paid subscription plans.

Right now Laxya.io is accepting payment only in crypto currency (BTC, ETH, USDT, BUSD).

After signing up, you will get a 30-day trial. You can connect your exchange account to trade. Once the trial is finished, you will be offered to choose one of our paid subscription plans to continue using the functionality of our platform. If you decide to stay on a free plan, you will lose some of our great features of trading.

Once your paid plan is finished and you haven’t renewed it, you will be downgraded to the Free plan. You will lose all the premium plan benefits.

Crypto Exchanges

Currently, we support only Binance spot trading and Binanace futures trading. We are working on other exchanges. You will be notified as we added another exchange.

To connect your Binance account with Laxya. First of all you need an API key and Secret Key. If you already have both then please go to “My Exchange”, go to Binance section and click on “Add Account” then enter uniuq Account Name,exchnage API key,secret key and submit it. Now you can enjoy smart way to trading with Laxya.

1. Log in to your Binance account

2. Go to your profile >> API Management >> type new API key name >> hit the "Create" button

3. Complete the verification Process

4. you can see API key and Secret key notedown both for future at safe place

5. check "Enable Spot & Margin Trading”.

Laxya.io does not have an option to access your exchange wallet and make any changes there. Your funds will always stay on your exchange account.

Why? : We are only providing a trading service to our customers. That's why we tell them or guide them to generate API key and secret which has only “Enable Reading” and “Enable Spot & Margin Trading” permissions. Don't checked on “Enable Withdrawals” permission.

Bot Trading

Let's Understande with Example with BTC/USDT

>> If the price break through the top price limit of the bot, all BTC will be sold and you’ll stake USDT. The bot will remain at the same range and waiting for the price drop back to the range.

>> If the price drop through the lowest price limit of the bot, all of the buy orders for BTC will be fully executed. The bot will remain at the same range and waiting for the price rise back to the range.

Upper Price : Highest sell price. The upper range of your bot.

Lower Price : Lowest buy price. The lower range of your bot.

No of Grid : There’s a limitation in the number of grid, you can’t set it below 2 and above 99.

Quantity per Grid : The amount for each order in the bot.

After you decide to cancel the bot, it’ll cancel all the grid orders from your exchange and stop running immediately. Your funds will remain with the same allocation at the moment it stop running.

Bull-Bear Order

>> Bull-Bear Order type : It is indicates the market trend for trade?, Bull order monitoring sudden upside market moves ane bear order monitoring sudden downside market moves.

>> Order Side: There is 2 type of side. One is "Buy to Sell" means the buy order will be executed first and then the sell order will be executed. Other one is "Sell to Buy" means the sell order will be executed first and then the buy order will be executed

>> Time Interval : Time interval decides how much time to set for sudden ups or downs moves in a fluctuating market. For example, In BTC / USDT pair user select order type is 'Bull', side is 'Buy to Sell', set time interval is '5m', set change percentage is '3%' and the amount is 1, which means whenever the price increase 3% within 5 minutes then the 1BTC will be bought at the market price .

>> Change Percentage : When the price suddenly moves up or down within the given 'Change Percentage', Bull-Bear order is triggered For example, In BTC / USDT pair user select order type is 'Bear', side is 'Sell to Buy', set time interval is '5m', set change percentage is '3%' and the amount is 1, which means whenever the price decreased 3% within 5 minutes then the 1BTC will be sold at the market price.

Update / Support

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If you have a problem with your account or the platform, please contact us through email at support@laxya.io.