Averaging your every order with DCA strategy.

What is DCA Bot?

DCA means Dollar Cost Averaging, the aim of the dca bot is buys or sells smaller amounts of an asset over a setted percentage to reducing/averaging order entry price.

Initial Order Investment

Initial order investment decided the first order investment when DCA bot start.

DCA Orders

If market moves in the opposite, each DCA order is executed one by one to average the buy or sell price.

Take Profit

Set a profit target for your order using take-profit function and ensure a profit to manage the risk.

Stop Loss

Stop Loss protect from unpredicted market movment and gives you minimum loss.

Take-Profit Trailling

Take-Profit trailling helps to increase Take-Profit price to gives maximum possible profit.


Once take-profit target is hit and the loop is enabled, same DCA trading bot strategy will start automatically again.

Is DCA trading bot beneficial for beginner?

Yes, the DCA trading bot always tries to average the initial order price and hit targeted take-profit. That is the reason DCA trading bot beneficial for beginner.