Bull-Bear Order

Moniter Market's Bull/Bear Moves.

What is Bull-Bear Order ?

Bull-Bear order monitors market's sudden ups and downs fluctuations within the given time interval to catch up profit or reduce loss.

Bull-Bear order type

Bull-Bear order type

Bull order monitoring sudden upside market moves and bear order monitoring sudden downside market moves.

Bull-Bear Time Interval

Time Interval

Time interval decides how much time to set for sudden ups or downs moves in a fluctuating market.

Bull-Bear Change percentage

Change percentage

When the price suddenly moves up or down within the given 'Change Percentage', Bull-Bear order is triggered.

Bull-Bear order Total Amount

Total Amount

The total amount is declared how much amount to buy or sell in a particular Bull-Bear order.

Bull-Bear order catch sudden market ups and down moves?

Yes, Real-time market data and instantly order execution methods help to catch market in sudden ups and down situations.

Bull Order

Bull Order

Bear Order

Bear Order