How to place a Bull-Bear order at the Laxya app?

Bull-Bear Order

  • First of all, what is the meaning of Bull-Bear? “Bull” means the market is moving upwards, and “bear” means the market is moving downwards.
  • The market is moving on both sides. For that reason, Bull-Bear order strategy is to take advantage of the pump and dump movement coming into the market. Let’s understand how Bull-Bear works.

you can see a pointed candle in the below chart image showing a spike in price within 15 min.

  • We can use bull-bears to take advantage of such candles. Let’s learn how to place an order.

Time Interval :

  • Time interval decides how much time to set for sudden ups or downs moves in a fluctuating market.

Change Percentage :

  • When the price suddenly moves up or down within the given ‘Change Percentage’, the Bull-Bear order is triggered.

Total Investment :

  • The Total Investment or Amount is declared as how much investment or amount to buy or sell in a particular bull-bear order.

Take Profit :

  • Take Profit determines how much profit you want to make after a bullish order is executed.

Stop Loss :

  • Stop Loss is an advanced order that is used by traders to prevent additional losses. When a specific price point is met, the order is triggered.

Bull-Bear order placed in Laxya App.

How Does Bull-Bear Work?

For example, let’s select the BTCUSDT pair and set these values.

  • Time Interval is 15m
  • Change Percentage is 4%
  • Total Investment 100 USDT
  • Take Profit is 1.5%.

If BTCUSDT price moves from $40000 to $43000 in the last 15m,

  • The buy order will be executed at a price of $41600($40000 + 4%) of 100USDT and the quantity will be 0.002404 BTC.
  • After that, a sell order will be executed at a price of $42225($41600 + 1.5%), the quantity will be 0.002404 BTC, and the investment will be 101.5 USDT.
  • And profit will get 1.5% of the investment.