How To Connect Binance Account With LAXYA App – Crypto Trading Bot Platform (2022)

Step 1: Generate API Keys and Secret Keys for Binance Account

  1. Sign in to your Binance account and click on the “More” button in Home Menu then Click on “API Management
  • Type API label and click on “Create API”
  • Verification Process: Enter your email and 2FA OTP to create an API
  • Click on the “Edit restrictions” Button

Gives Permission For :

  1. Enable Spot & Margin Trading
  2. Enable Futures

Select trusted IPs, Enter Ip address: click on Confirm

  • After that click on “Save” and pass the Security verification Process
  • Now Binance API and Secrets keys are Ready to use.

Step 2: Add API Keys and Secret Keys on Laxya for the crypto trading bot.

  • Open the Laxya app for the Free Crypto trading Bot and log in to Your Account and click on “Three dots”.
  • Then click on Add Icon button from the bottom of the screen.

Enter the details

  1. Select exchange: Binance-spot
  2. Enter Account Name: “as your wish”
  3. Enter your Binance Generated API and Secret Keys.
  4. Click on “Connect Account”
  • Binance account added successfully on Laxya …!!